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DIY Cleaning For Small Business

Small business owners wear many hats. In fact, they are the IT specialist, operation managers, customer service agent, the bookkeeper, social media planner, the Cleaner and the list goes on. No doubt, the cost of the daily operation of a business adds up quickly. Sometime, a few of these roles are left undone because there is not enough time. It is important to note, the cleanliness of your business place enhances your customer’s experience. So, if you are not able to afford a commercial cleaner and you’re forced to do it yourself. Here are a few cleaning tips of the most overlooked places in your business place.

Under and Behind Vending Machines This is one of the most easily forgotten spot in a building. Depending on the type and flow of traffic your business attracts, a lot of miscellaneous items mysteriously end up underneath the vending machine. Not only that, but dust bunnies are also another culprit that are so unpleasant to see. It is important to highlight, that some vending machines have a tray that collects the overflowing liquid. Be cautious about the mixture of moisture and dust which is a recipe for mold. Ensure this area is swept and mopped frequently.

Business Entrance

Many businesses have secondary back or side doors that employees use to enter the building, hence, the customer entrance is neglected by default. Cobwebs are easily formed, in a matter of minutes. So, it is imperative that occasionally, caretaker visits this area and use a tall broom to clear all cobwebs and possibly honeycombs as well. You just never know.

Breakroom Appliances The wellbeing of employees is important in any business, and fewer sick days ultimately yield higher productivity. By the same token, microwaves, refrigerators and coffee makers are often left unkept and in some cases filthy. Stale and splattered food are then broken down by microorganisms creating a health hazard environment. To fix this issue just simply create and implement a daily cleaning schedule for employees to follow.

Elevator Crevices

High traffic areas usually include elevators in a building. Sometime, debris and sand get trapped in cracks and crevices directly in front elevators as the cleaner sweeps. A good rule of thumb is whenever there are small linear openings on the floor, vacuuming is the better option instead of sweeping. Overtime, the trapped debris becomes unattractive and untidy. If this is the case, use a small pointy object to dig into the crevice then get the narrow nozzle extension found on the vacuum to pick up the mess.

It is highly recommended to schedule a deep commercial clean to disinfect common areas such as doorknobs, breakrooms, bathrooms and other high traffic areas at least twice per year.

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