Maid Service

General Cleaning


Disinfect & clean showers, toilets, tubs, tiles, mirrors, and floors plus vacuum carpet, stairs and closet floor. Clean countertops and sink (chrome shine) frontal wipe downs of the refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher. Make beds and empty trash. One of the best residential cleaning service.

General Clean

After Party Cleaning


The removal of trash and debris from living space and outside areas. Sanitize and clean bathrooms and kitchen area, load dishwasher only, and light house cleaning. One of the best residential cleaning service.

Residential Deep Clean

Deep Cleaning


Cleaning of the bathroom, baseboards and trim, light switches, fans, doors, and door trim; dusting, cleaning of A/C filter and grill, inside of windows, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming all floors. Kitchen cleaning includes inside of refrigerator and stove oven. One of the best residential cleaning service.

Move Out Clean

Move In/Out Cleaning


Cleaning of cabinets and crevices behind stove and refrigerator; thoroughly clean bathroom vicinity to include shower door tracks and removal of cobweb throughout the property. With additional deep clean services included. One of the best residential cleaning service.

Additional Services

Laundry Wash & Dry

Are you a busy professional or an overwhelmed parent who needs a little help around the house, don't worry iClean got you covered with our flat rates.  Up to 90 lbs is $80; 90lbs-160 lbs is $125 and over 160 lbs is $150. These prices exclude larger items: comforters, rugs, pillows, and dry-clean-only items.


Inside Cabinets

If you have a busy kitchen your cabinets may need some attention over a period of time. iClean can take care of the constant challenges from season spills, light dust, grease, bacteria, and fingerprints. For an average kitchen, items will be removed and replaced while cabinets are cleaned only for $50. Price may vary if additional service is requested.



Inside Fridge

The refrigerator is a very essential part of our kitchen. Just know you can rely on iClean for a spick and span, clean, and odor-free refrigerator at the end of our service. Of course, old and expired food will be toss in the trash while shelves and drawers are thoroughly cleaned. Then, items will be restocked into the fridge. All just for $50

Inside Oven

Proper maintenance is important to keep cleaning one of the most used appliances in your home. All surfaces inside your oven will be wiped down using an oven cleaner/degreaser. Racks and drip pans are removed and cleaned;- bits of burned-on gunk will be removed with a non-abrasive scrubber.  Only for $30


Interior Walls

A method to keep the paint looking fresh is to gently wipe high-traffic areas. The areas around switches, thermostats, and door jams and knobs may need an occasional touch up (wiping off excess dirt stains). And so does that area behind the sofa where somebody’s hair leaves a greasy spot. For only $30 iClean may do touch-ups as part of a regular service requested.

Interior Windows

Another big challenge is our interior windows. Dirty sills and frames, dusty-grimy screens, and spotty-smeared glass. iClean will get rid of the debris, dead bugs and gunk found on your interior window sills. Screens will be de-grimed and your glass will gleam once more. Can't beat all that for $25

***This service is only offered with some cleanings***